Our History


Our humble community started to stay on top of the mountains of ML papers. We’d nerd out  every other week (in-person!) talking about interesting ML papers we’d had come across. The mailing list grew to 400 people by the end of the year.


We incorporated “aggregate intellect” with the ultimate goal of “automating scientific discovery”. Based on the demand of our community, we created lots of educational packages, then started shifting towards how we could enable the applied side of ML.


Welp, 2020! Few months before the Pandemic lockdowns, we left our corporate jobs to focus on our venture. We thought more deeply about scale, the industry impact of ML, and R&D in general. We capped off the year with a small fundraising round raised through our community.


We moved away from education and started exploring an AI Innovation Marketplace. We ran ML development crowdsourcing competitions with startups and other entities, and used those engagements to learn more about gaps in the market.


We used the insights from our rigorous experiments & design sprints in 2021 and identified a gap in knowledge management market. We started building a software platform that used AI to help engineering teams build better and faster


After ChatGPT release we saw a rapid increase in demand for software like ours, we went back to the drawing board and re-imagined our platform. Importantly, we pivoted towards building for traditional businesses with many manual workflows

Our Team

Amir Feizpour, CEO

PhD, Quantum Computing, University of Toronto
Postdoc, Quantum Computing, University of Oxford
4+ yrs in data science and product management

Oshoma Momoh, CTO

Startup CTO and co-founder, Chief Technical Advisor at MaRS Discovery District,  product leader and GM at Microsoft

Percy Chen

ML Engineer

Kua Chen

ML Engineer

Samuel Negash

Full Stack Engineer

Yujing Yang

ML Engineer

Eyob Yirgu

Full Stack Engineer

Sara Hajimiri

Product Designer

Our Advisors

Darryl Kirsh

Investor at Fiddlehead – Aidan Health, Paragon Pure, FlaVR Labs, PharmaprinterCRO, Ixon Technologies, Micron Agritech, Vitroscope – Turnaround CEO, Advisor & Board

Sam Charrington

Founder / host of TWIML AI podcast (10M+ downloads in the past 5 years). 2 decades of experience in the overlap of  business strategy, and technology

Our Affiliations

Our Community & Media Partners

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