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Technical Knowledge Mindmapping Software

We use AI to create a mindmap of yours & your team’s technical knowledge, from across software tools, so you can see connections you were previously blind to or had forgotten.

Recall Relevant Knowledge Comprehensively

See which knowledge is relevant from across software tools. Re-surface it less painfully & more comprehensively after a quick glance at your project mindmap.

Softwares we currently / will soon integrate with

Google Chrome



Google Doc




Teammate not available? Their knowledge is.

You don’t need teammates saying ‘oh, I read something about that - I’ll shoot you an email’. Their research will be auto re-surfaced for you in the team’s shared Technical Mindmap.

No need to Re-Invent the Recipe

If a community member has done a similar enough complex task before, have a recipe of the ‘resource list’ they used to figure it out, recommended to you just when you need it.

We already have 100s of Technical Recipes, to begin or accelerate your work

Is This For You?

If you’re in Data Science, we’re just about ready for you!
If you deal with Technical Data of any other type, then we’ll be opening up for you soon too.

By going one technical area at a time at the start, we can ensure we take into account field specific nuances. But once we’ve done enough fields, and validated field indifferent patterns, we’ll be supporting any profession dealing with Technical Knowledge! Be it Medicine, Accounting, or Software Engineering. The diagram above shows our tentative roadmap. But if you want us to prioritize your technical field earlier, book a call with us!

Some of Our Recent Recognitions

Rigorously evaluted then invited to join CDL’s AI Acclerator [2022-23]
“ The Artificial Intelligence Stream at CDL Toronto is particularly suited to visionary founders seeking to disrupt industries at scale through the use of AI.“

Received a 3 year several $100k grant by the Government of Canada (MITACs) to refine our Technology. (Selected based on being promising Tech for Canada.)

“My team’s knowledge is captured in many tools (e.g., Github, Jira, Confluence, Cloud Storage) they use throughout their workflow. this is disorganized and siloed for the most part contributing to dispersity of information and is indeed an opportunity cost. A comprehensive solution as offered by Aggregate Intellect with efficient and user friendly distillation, organization, and retrieval capabilities is pivotal to both strategize and locate critical pieces of information in the least amount of time.”

~ Ehsan Amjadian | Director of AI, Royal Bank of Canada | PhD in NLP

“Collecting, connecting and curating information is at the heart of my work as an analyst and communicator. An intelligent knowledge repository—like what Aggregate Intellect is building—that passively makes connections between the documents within it as well as to my current projects is a compelling proposition that could dramatically change the way I work by surfacing new ideas and insights more quickly.”

~ Sam Charrington | Host of the TWIML.AI Podcast | 12 million+ Downloads | Advisor at Aggregate Intellect

“Try ‘I would like to find the latest research on evaluating dataset quality for datasets that are used to train large language models’ on Google (hint: it is really hard for Google to distinguish between evaluating large language models themselves and evaluating the dataset quality of the data used to train them). Humans don’t process information in terms of keywords and documents. They do it in terms of concepts and relationships between them. A knowledge retrieval paradigm that is no longer tethered to the way the current search experiences are, is imperative, and aggregate intellect is at the forefront of transitioning to the new age of having knowledge at your fingertips.”

~ Suhas Pai | CTO at Bedrock AI | NLP Lead | Mentor



  • Free! FOREVER! 
  • As long as you do things publicly and contribute to the community




Team Features

  • Private Workspace
  • High Volume Integration
  • API access

Join the waitlist and get notified when you can use our new Visual Navigation Graph tool! Our private alpha is available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Stop Searching; Start Building

Community-led, Self-organizing Knowledge Navigator

Build products beyond your imagination by tapping into Aggregate Intellect’s technical knowledge base. Curated by ML practitioners like you. Organized by our state-of-the-art ML platform.


Our integrations collect your notes & resources as you work.


Our AI extracts & visualizes hidden knowledge in your notes.


Plug into the community to help validate & refine your ideas.

Why Aggregate Intellect?

We’re on a mission to decentralize science to drive innovation. Our platform is where artificial intelligence meets crowd intelligence. Our growing set of tools allow you to capture knowledge throughout your workflow, our AI organizes that knowledge for you, and our community of 10k+ practitioners and researchers help you validate your ideas.

Step 1: Aggregate your Knowledge

Developers hate documentation when they have to interrupt their workflow. Instead of copy/pasting info into a bunch of disconnected places – our integrations into the browser, Slack, GitHub, Notion, and Confluence allow you to capture and access the knowledge you need when you need it.

Coming Soon:







Step 2: Organize your Knowledge

Organizing documents is a pain! Leave it to our AI engine to self-organize your knowledge with minimal overhead from you. It extracts knowledge from all your documents, resources, and notes – and visualizes their relationships.


Tap into thousands of resources collected by peers + hundreds of expert-validated Recipes to help build your next AI project.


Organize information within your team and across projects using the workspaces. Use private workspaces to keep your info safe.

Visual Navigation

Navigate through the knowledge extracted by our NLP/GNN pipeline from your notes and resources. Visually rediscover the relevant information you need quickly.

Step 3: Elevate your Knowledge

Engage with our 10k+ community, explore their building journeys through the public library, or participate in group discussions or projects.

Working Groups

Join peers & expert advisors in working on real world problems that build robust skills, notable portfolios & a lasting network - all in 4-8 weeks.

Sponsored Competitions

Think Kaggle Competitions, but instead of toy datasets, the problems are real. You'll have access to a Technical advisor + expert-curated resources to get you started.

Explore your favorite topic to see resources collected by our community of 10k+ ML practitioners and researchers

Check out these featured RECIPEs

RECIPEs are folders that are interactive + contextualized. These are how you organize your resources and notes for your projects & help onboard new teammates.



  • Free! FOREVER! As long as you do things publicly and contribute to the community
  • You don’t even need an account to view our technical RECIPEs (you need an account to star/comment/fork/etc)




Team Features

(Coming Soon)

  • Private Workspace
  • Integration into Dev and Communication tools
  • Team-level Personalization
  • API access

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