AI-powered Business Workflow for Service Companies

Wondering what AI means for your service business?
We can help you acquire and fulfill more business using the same type of technologies that power ChatGPT. Let's talk about how AI can make your staff more effective and efficient.

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Our Platform

Our platform sits on top of a company's private data and documents, integrates into public sources of information, and augments traditionally manual and high-touch workflows. It provides data connectors to common sources of info, and integrates directly into the tools already in use by the business.
The Aggregate Intellect platform is designed to augment a broad range of use cases, from writing sales proposals, to creating business quotes and estimates, drafting complex trip itineraries, and producing conversational analytics. If your business compiles knowledge to create complex, time-consuming documents and you’re wondering whether AI can help, let’s talk.

LLMs for every business workflow

With the latest advancements in natural language processing, we are at a unique point in history (of humankind) where we can computationally analyze our knowledge and accelerate the process of innovation.Our vision is to bring the power of large language models like GPT to businesses that haven't leveraged AI historically, and empower them to compete in the new world.

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